Don't spam, understand.

You don't always get a response to your emails. But that doesn't mean your prospect isn't interested -- you just don't know if they are. Rather than spamming their inbox with further messages, track your emails with Signals to be instantly notified when your message is opened or clicked. 

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Context matters, so here it is.

Start gauging the strength of your email engagement. Signals will show you how many times your prospects have opened your message, where in the world they are, and whether they opened it on a desktop or mobile device. The more information you have, the stronger your opportunity to close the right deals.

Stop hitting refresh.

The anticipation of closing the perfect deals leads our fingers to click refresh on repeat. Use that time more effectively, and let Signals alert you as soon as your email are opened or clicked. If notifications come in while you're away, you can easily load your full Signals stream to see what you missed -- or just review activity for the day. 


 Isn't it time you started tracking your emails?

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